What Is Plannet Marketing

What Is Plannet Marketing

Curious about Plannet Marketing? Imagine a world where your passion for travel could pave the way to financial independence. This company offers a unique blend of marketing strategies and entrepreneurial opportunities that might just be the key to unlocking your dreams. With a focus on empowerment and support, Plannet Marketing opens doors to a realm of possibilities.

Company Overview

What makes PlanNet Marketing stand out in the business world?

PlanNet Marketing, founded by Don Bradley in 2015, offers unique at-home business opportunities in partnership with InteleTravel, an at-home travel agency.

Through a rewarding compensation plan, the company focuses on fostering entrepreneurship and providing training, support, and resources for individuals to achieve financial independence.

By combining marketing, sales, and product distribution expertise, PlanNet Marketing empowers aspiring entrepreneurs to build their businesses from the comfort of their homes.

This emphasis on personalized support and guidance sets PlanNet Marketing apart, offering a pathway towards financial freedom tailored to individual needs and lifestyles.

Mission and Values

PlanNet Marketing’s core mission is to provide individuals with the tools and support necessary to achieve freedom, flexibility, and financial independence through their unique at-home business model.

The company focuses on catering to individual needs within the direct sales industry, offering control over pace and benefits to support your entrepreneurial journey.

PlanNet Marketing provides exceptional training, support, and a fun social aspect to help you succeed in your business.

The values of empowerment and the opportunity to achieve financial success on your terms are at the heart of their mission.

Corporate Management Team

The Corporate Management Team at PlanNet Marketing is led by a group of experienced individuals in key leadership positions. Don Bradley, the Founder, Chairman, and CEO, provides strategic direction.

Andy Cauthen serves as the President, overseeing day-to-day operations.

LeAnn Troeckler, as the Chief Operations Officer, ensures efficient business processes.

LisaMarie Klinger manages marketing activities in her role as Vice President of Marketing Administration.

Amanda Restivo, the Vice President of Compliance, upholds regulatory standards within the company.

This team’s collective expertise and leadership guide PlanNet Marketing in achieving its goals and maintaining high standards of operation.

Travel Business Partnership

Joining forces with InteleTravel, an Independent Travel Agency, opens up a world of opportunities for PlanNet Marketing representatives. This partnership allows you to delve into the travel industry as an Independent Travel Agent, offering not only the chance to earn commissions on bookings but also access to VIP travel benefits.

PlanNet Marketing provides comprehensive training and support to ensure your success in the travel business. Moreover, InteleTravel offers guarantees such as a Money Back Guarantee, a Risk-Free Profit Guarantee, and a Best Travel Price Guarantee.

Business Opportunity and Compensation Plan

Explore the rewarding business opportunity and compensation plan offered by PlanNet Marketing, designed to reward your sales efforts and team building success.

The compensation plan at PlanNet Marketing provides multiple avenues for earning commissions and bonuses by hitting sales targets and fostering team growth. As a representative, you have the power to dictate your pace and benefits within the direct sales industry, with enticing incentives awaiting your successful endeavors.

PlanNet Marketing ensures transparency by furnishing an income disclosure statement that outlines the potential earnings. Moreover, the company offers comprehensive training, support, and resources to equip individuals with the tools needed to thrive in their business pursuits.

Your Product

Leverage your passion for travel and earn commissions by marketing and selling the InteleTravel Product through PlanNet Marketing Inc. As an agent, you can sell a product that offers a Money Back Guarantee, Risk-Free Profit Guarantee, and Best Travel Price Guarantee. Earn commissions on bookings and enjoy VIP travel benefits.

InteleTravel’s $179.95 one-time enrollment fee and $39.95 monthly cost are easily recouped through your sales. The product allows you to tap into the lucrative travel industry, offering individuals the opportunity to turn their love for travel into a profitable business.

Start marketing and selling the InteleTravel Product today to begin your journey towards financial success in the travel industry.

Sell Travel, Earn Travel Commissions

Earn travel commissions by marketing and selling the InteleTravel product through PlanNet Marketing Inc. PlanNet Marketing reps can tap into their passion for travel and turn it into a source of income.

By selling travel, you can earn commissions on bookings, access VIP travel benefits, and enjoy exclusive travel deals with competitive pricing. Additionally, you have the opportunity to earn extra income monthly without being tied down by long-term contracts.

InteleTravel provides unlimited support to help you succeed in your travel business venture. With innovative tools and resources at your disposal, you can leverage your love for travel to not only explore the world but also to build a lucrative business.

Turn Passion for Travel Into Income

By turning your passion for travel into income, you can unlock a flexible source of earning potential through PlanNet Marketing.

As a Rep with this home-based Independent Travel Agency opportunity, you can now turn your love for travel into a rewarding income stream. By tapping into this business opportunity, you can earn commissions on travel bookings and access exclusive travel deals.

PlanNet Marketing allows you to leverage your passion for travel to generate income without the constraints of quotas or inventory. This unique opportunity enables you to merge your passion with business, offering you a way to earn while doing what you love.

Take the first step to transform your passion for travel into a consistent source of income with PlanNet Marketing.

Freedom and Flexibility

Unlocking freedom and flexibility, PlanNet Marketing empowers you to take charge of your pace and benefits in the direct sales industry. With the self-management that PlanNet offers, you can earn commissions on all booked trips, giving you control over your financial independence.

The direct sales commission structure allows you to earn $50 for each InteleTravel Agency sale, providing a flexible source of income to support your goals. Additionally, InteleTravel offers exclusive travel deals, competitive pricing, and full support, allowing you to travel better while earning commissions.

This flexibility in earning terms and the ability to supplement your income or pursue your passion for travel ensures that you have the freedom to shape your journey with PlanNet Marketing.

PlanNet Rep Mobile App

Enhancing business efficiency and connectivity, the PlanNet Rep Mobile App serves as a comprehensive tool for managing and tracking your direct sales activities. This app is your go-to tool for sharing business opportunities, managing your organization, and introducing the InteleTravel Agency product.

With the PlanNet Rep Mobile App, you can easily build a list of leads, share opportunities in over 20 countries, and stay connected with your team. Additionally, the app provides valuable resources such as access to videos, events, conference calls, and even awards for Reps.

Stay organized, informed, and engaged in your business activities with the PlanNet Rep Mobile App at your fingertips.


So, now you know all about Plannet Marketing and how they offer a unique business opportunity in the travel industry.

With a focus on empowerment, support, and financial freedom, Plannet Marketing helps individuals turn their passion for travel into a profitable business.

If you’re looking for a flexible and rewarding way to earn income while pursuing your love for travel, Plannet Marketing might just be the perfect fit for you.