Can You Take A Digital Marketing Degree Online

Can You Take A Digital Marketing Degree Online

Interested in pursuing a digital marketing degree online? Wondering about the flexibility and credibility of online programs in this field? Whether you’re looking to advance your career or switch paths, the realm of digital marketing offers a plethora of opportunities waiting to be explored. With the digital landscape evolving rapidly, the importance of honing your skills in this area has never been more crucial. So, can you truly take a digital marketing degree online? The answer lies in a closer examination of the benefits and considerations associated with such a choice.

Online Digital Marketing Degree Overview

Online digital marketing degrees combine convenience and quality education for busy professionals seeking to advance their skills in the field. When pursuing an online digital marketing degree, you can expect a program that covers key topics such as SEO, social media marketing, analytics, and content creation. Accredited online programs offer the same level of education as traditional on-campus options, providing a solid foundation in business and marketing principles.

These programs typically require a specific number of credits to complete, ensuring you gain expertise in various aspects of digital marketing. Through virtual platforms, online students can access course materials, engage with professors, and collaborate with peers, offering a flexible and interactive learning experience tailored to your schedule.

Program Details and Curriculum Breakdown

Exploring the program details and curriculum breakdown reveals the comprehensive scope of the online Bachelor of Science in Digital Marketing degree. This Online Digital Marketing Degree typically requires 120 credits to complete, allowing students to specialize in areas such as marketing analytics, strategic marketing, or virtual marketing through different concentrations.

The course work delves into essential aspects of digital marketing, including advertising, consumer behavior, and web design, equipping students with a deep understanding of various marketing strategies.

The tuition costs $502 per credit, amounting to $60,240 for the full program. The program aims to nurture students by honing their creative, technical, and business skills in digital marketing to prepare them for successful careers in the field.

Admission Requirements and Application Process

When applying to the online Bachelor of Science in Digital Marketing degree program, prospective students must meet specific admission requirements and follow a structured application process.

Freshmen applicants should have a 3.0 Core GPA in high school courses. For transfer students, 30 transferable credit hours and a 2.5 academic GPA are typically needed. Re-entry students must maintain a 2.0 GPA on all LSU coursework for eligibility.

Test scores are optional for LSU online program admission, providing flexibility. Non-traditional students have varied evaluation pathways to fulfill admission requirements.

The Online Bachelor of Science in Digital Marketing offers opportunities for diverse applicants to join the program, ensuring a wide range of individuals can access this degree. Financial aid options are also available to help support students in their educational journey.

Career Opportunities and Job Outlook

Digital marketing degree holders can leverage their skills and knowledge to pursue a variety of rewarding career opportunities in the dynamic field of digital marketing.

With a digital marketing degree, online students can explore roles as marketing managers, content strategists, email marketing managers, and SEO specialists.

The job outlook for digital marketing professionals is promising, given the increasing importance of online marketing strategies in today’s business landscape.

Salaries in this field vary, with SEO specialists earning around $52,000 and email marketing managers approximately $78,000 on average.

Graduates from digital marketing degree programs have diverse job prospects in industries such as advertising, e-commerce, social media, and digital marketing agencies.

They play a crucial role in developing and implementing digital campaigns, analyzing marketing data, and boosting online visibility for businesses.

Tuition Costs and Financial Aid Options

The online Bachelor of Science in Digital Marketing program charges $502 per credit, totaling $60,240 for the entire degree. This 120-credit hour program provides a comprehensive education in digital marketing within the higher education sphere.

Prospective students can find detailed tuition costs and explore various financial aid options to support their educational journey. Understanding the financial aspects of pursuing this online degree program is crucial for planning your higher education path effectively.

Concentrations and Specializations Available

Explore the diverse range of concentrations and specializations available in digital marketing degrees to tailor your educational journey to your specific interests and career goals.

Concentrations such as Marketing Analytics, Strategic Marketing, and Virtual Marketing offer specialized knowledge in distinct areas of digital marketing. By selecting a concentration, you can deepen your expertise in a particular aspect of the field, gaining valuable insights and skills that align with your career aspirations.

Whether you’re interested in analyzing data, developing strategic marketing plans, or exploring virtual marketing platforms, these concentrations provide in-depth learning opportunities to enhance your understanding of digital marketing practices. Choose a concentration that resonates with your interests to acquire targeted knowledge and skills relevant to the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape.

Faculty Spotlight and Industry Experts

Meet the experienced faculty and industry experts shaping the digital marketing program’s educational landscape. Ronald C. Stefanski, MBA, an Adjunct Professor in the online program, and Christopher Weir, EdD, MA, the Program Chair, bring a wealth of knowledge with over 25 years of marketing and management experience.

The faculty includes industry experts specializing in SEO, SEM, PPC, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, and more. Notably, they’ve crafted marketing plans for top brands like Campbell Soup and Dodge. By learning from professionals like Ronald C. Stefanski and Christopher Weir, students in the digital marketing program gain valuable insights and practical skills that are essential for success in the ever-evolving digital landscape.


So, if you’re looking to pursue a digital marketing degree, remember that you can definitely take it online.

With accredited programs covering key topics and offering the same quality education as on-campus options, you can gain the skills needed for success in the field.

Plus, with the convenience of online learning, you can balance your studies with other commitments and still achieve your academic and career goals.

Start your digital marketing journey today!